Welcome to Vineyard Munich!

Who are we?

We are a Christian community, wanting to bring light to the world. We are passionate about people experiencing God’s life-changing love.

We believe that the message of Jesus should be active and visible in our everyday lives. We trust and experience that God wants to live in community with his church, to show his love in and through us.We strive to serve one another and the city around us within our own relationships and many social projects, aiming to show Jesus‘ love to everyone we meet.

Service Information

(Revised for Corona)
Due to the current pandemic, we have had to include hygiene precautions into every one of our services. So that we can ensure social distancing guidelines are met we require visitors to register online before attending our services.  We also are offering a Live-Streamed service via YouTube, unfortunately both of these events are only available in German.

Also due to the pandemic, our Kids groups are closed until further notice however our services are extremely family orientated and we would love to have families celebrate God with us.

Our service in Emersonstraße 1 still begins at 10:30 on a Sunday morning with live worship. Visitors are required to cover their mouths and nose while moving around the building but when they are in their seats and during worship, these can be removed. The live stream will begin at 11:00 Sunday morning with a message, prayer, and ministry times and videos from our community.

We have many small groups or “House Communities” available online, if you are interested in visiting those please get in touch; we would love to have you over.

We are keeping a close watch over the current situation and are hoping to be able to meet all of you and offer translation again as soon as possible and will keep this page updated when we are able to make more changes to our hygiene concept.

Until then be blessed and stay safe,

Vineyard Muenchen.

All of our Sunday morning services offer live translation to English, we have a thriving international community that is well integrated into the church. We look forward to welcoming people from every nation to worship God together.

Our services begin at 10:30 on Sunday morning, finishing at 12:00 with tea, coffee, and fellowship afterward. We have around 150 regular attendees to our church services on Sundays.

Our adress is Emersonstraße 1, close to U1 stop Mangfallplatz.

The building is disabled accessible and has car parking facilities.

In parallel to our services, we offer Kids Church, services for children within their own age groups. For more information, just ask.

The second Sunday every month we have a bring’n’share lunch, we would love to invite you to share with us.

We are a church family and love spending time together deepening relationships, supporting one another, and having fun.

All are welcome here, if it’s your first time stepping into a church building or you’ve been a Christian all your life, we can’t wait to meet you!

Young Adults and Students

We are a church for all ages and have a growing Student and Young Adult community within the congregation.

Every Sunday after church the students cook and eat together, feel free to come around and spend some time getting to know us during our mealtimes together.

Contact us

The best way to contact us is on Sunday after the service, all of the leadership team will be available to spend time with you then, but of course, we are available through the week in our offices, you can call us on 089 693 495 40

Office Hours

Tuesday: 10:00-16:00

Wednesday: 10:00-16:00

Friday:  10:00-16:00

You can also send us an Email at office@vineyard-muenchen.de

We look forward to hearing from you!